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Revised Guidelines By CDC Creates Chaos And Confusion For San Francisco Restaurants !



San Francisco Restaurants

Revised Guidelines By CDC Creates Confusion For San Francisco Restaurants

The revised rules by CDC on mask mandate created a lot of confusion in the country. The revision came all of a sudden when no one expected it. However, states have come up with their rules on masking after the recommendations from CDC. In California, it was decided that the mask mandate would continue till June 15. San Francisco decided to follow the guideline set by California. San Francisco has a very high percentage of people who have taken at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. Due to the same, when CDC announced the new guidelines, it created confusion for restaurants in San Francisco.

San Francisco Restaurants

Source: Eater SF


San Francisco Chef Feels People Are Not Ready To Let Go Of The Mask

Chef Kasem Saengsawang from Farmhouse Kitchen Thai in San Francisco thinks that people are not ready to get back to the pre-COVID lifestyle. Even when the restaurant employees wear the mask, the customers appreciate it. People have walked into Farmhouse Kitchen Thai and refused to wear masks after the guidelines from CDC. When the restaurant insisted a group to wear the mask, they walked out. Now the restaurant is worried about getting a negative review on Yelp. Furthermore, Saengsawang said, “We feel like we as a people are not ready to return to a normal lifestyle yet. Masks make us feel safer. Our customers appreciate it … the CDC was just too fast. Everybody was in shock.”

San Francisco Restaurants

Source: Eater SF

Checking Who Is Vaccinated Becomes The Latest Headache Of Restaurants

At present, vaccinated people are allowed to not wear the mask in case of outdoor dining. However, that creates an added work for restaurants to check who is vaccinated and who is not. Moreover, Saengsawang said, “How do we know that people are vaccinated? It’s another policy we have to come up with … it’s another thing the city is dumping on us.”

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