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RHOC: Elizabeth Vargas Is The Newest In The Show



Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas Has A Storyline In RHOC

Real Housewives Of Orange County featured Elizabeth Vargas for its 15th season and unveiled some much-needed drama with her divorce story. RHOC premiered its 15th season and is as popular as before—the show gaining immense love from the viewers for featuring some real-life drama.

In the premiere of the show Real Life Housewives star, Elizabeth Vargas seemed to share the long-running divorce case. She was married to Bernt Bodal and the duo separated in 2017. But the divorce process did not complete then, and they officially end it in July 2020. Three years-long journeys towards the separation and the ups and downs, she revealed everything in the show.

About Ex-Husband Bernt Bodal

Ex-husband Bernt Bodal was the CEO of American Sea Foods and is a successful businessman. But things turned ugly when Bernt reportedly cheated on Elizabeth with another woman. And he also has a child from this extramarital affair. It was a bad experience for Elizabeth Vargas and led to the end of their marriage life.

Bodal retired from American Sea Food in 2018 post the separation, but he made a lot of wealth from that company. He is not appearing on television for the first time; earlier also he appeared in  Undercover Boss where he went to talk about Bering Sea vessel. During the show, he was the CEO of American Sea Foods and went as the representative of that company.

Elizabeth Is In A New Relationship

Many inside stories will unveil in the show about the life and journey of Elizabeth Vargas. Fans also see she navigate her job in an online music company, Edge as a CEO. Apart from that, the RHOC star will be seen revealed about her present relationship status.

Elizabeth Vargas


According to the sources, Elizabeth is in a new relationship already and having good terms with her new boyfriend. However, the couple has not yet indulged in any physical connection. She said her boyfriend is not comfortable in it yet as she was not legally divorced till then.

The many ups and downs in her married life, divorced and getting into a new relationship, everything will be revealed in the show. And fans are already excited to watch the new season of Real Life Housewives Of Orange County.

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