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Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Snapped At A Romantic Vacation. Are They Dating?



Did bad girl Riri just blush over a man? Rihanna snapped with ASAP Rocky on a romantic trip to Barbados. The two look very comfortable in each other’s arms. As they get very close and cuddly together fans are just lightening of the dating rumours even more. As the pictures of Rhianna and Asap rocky getting romantic goes viral, fans go crazy shipping them. more and more. Check out everything I need to know about it.


Recently a bunch of pictures of Rihanna with the famous rapper ASAP Rocky as went viral on the internet. The pictures say a lot different story than anyone could have imagined. The two have gone to Barbados to enjoy their holidays. But are they in any relationship and what is the reason behind this sudden closeness? Fans are speculating a lot about the two and rumours have been going on that that are seeing each other. Fans claim that they can potentially be dating as their pictures of them getting cosy and cuddly gets viral.

The Pictures Of Rihanna And Asap Rocky

A bunch of pictures been on the internet of ASAP Rocky and Rihanna. in some pictures we can see clearly that ASAP Rocky is trying his best to get with Rihanna. However, Rihanna looks very comfortable with him as well. They share some laughter and make memories together. They have been spotted drinking I am enjoying a lot. Fans are very excited and are going crazy behind this potentially be dating couple.

Picture via Instagram.

Rhianna is that one celebrity that doesn’t need anyone like that. She has been single for a really long time. As Rihanna portrays a very strong personality in front of the world fans are very curious as who she’s going to date. Rihanna‘s fans have always been very interested in a dating life. However, this superstar he’s just into making a lot of money and breaking all records.

Are They Dating?

However, recently It looks like Rihanna has found a match and is very happy with him. And we will or not surprised at all that the man is ASAP rocky. as they have been good friends and have known each other for a while now. People have spotted them together in several events. However it wasn’t expected that they’ll come out as a romantic couple so soon. And that is why the pictures tell a whole different story.


In one picture we can see Rihanna and ASAP Rocky very close to each other as they get very comfortable together. In one picture we can see ASAP Rocky driving a bike in the ocean where is Rihanna fits behind him. Rihanna is seen holding ASAP Rocky tight and both are very happy while enjoying their vacation. As she folds her arms on Asap Rocky. This holiday might have bought a lot for these two.


Soon after the pictures went viral on the internet, Fans went crazy. People have already started to ship the two superstars. Fans think they will make a great couple. What do you think about it? What do you think about it?

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