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Rita Ora Almost Forgot That She Was In A Relationship With Rob Kardashian !



Rita Ora Rob Kardashian

Rita Ora Forgot About Her Relationship With Rob Kardashian

Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian were in a relationship many years ago. It was a very short-lived relationship as they went separate ways after almost two months. Rita Ora recently gave an interview where she was asked about her relationship to Rob Kardashian. Interestingly, she had forgotten about it. She said, “Oh, I forgot about that. It was very short-lived. I was so young. It was great, it was fun. It was very, very fun, I guess. That’s all I remember.”

Rita Ora Rob Kardashian

Source: People

Post-Rob Kardashian, Rita Ora Linked To Many More Celebrities

After her short relationship with Rob, Rita has been linked to many more celebrities. She has no explanation about why it happens so often but she feels it is because the world is getting smaller. She said, “I’m not a genius in love. But it’s easier to meet them, isn’t it, because of the world you move in? But in anything you just want to be happy. I guess if love is happiness, then, yeah.”

Rita Ora Talks About Gossip And Love

Rita Ora is okay with gossip and love rumors about her. She is okay with the gossips surrounding her personal life as she feels it is part of the industry. She said, “It’s part of the territory. You pick and choose. I don’t complain about it. I just don’t put attention toward it.” Moreover, she doesn’t know the type of guy she likes and is still searching for her type. She said, “I never know what I’m looking for. I don’t actually [have a type], at all.”

Rita Ora

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Rita Ora Doesn’t Mind Involving Romantic Love Interests Into Her Life

Rita Ora is okay with involving romantic love interests in her life. Moreover, she said, “I don’t have that much trouble anymore. I have great friends around me who are very local and we try to keep it small and compact and tight.”

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