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Road Safety: Speed Limit To Be Lowered In 45 Miles Of All Major Streets In New York City !



New York City

Mayor Blasio Announces To Reduce Speed Limit In New York City

Mayor Blasio has made some big announcements regarding road safety in New York city. The speed limits for automobiles will be reduced to ensure lesser accidents. The speed limit will be lowered for 45 miles of all major streets. The focus will be on streets of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island where the crashing rate is high. Moreover, Blasio said, “This is about protecting kids, about protecting seniors. So, we’re lowering speed limits on over 45 miles major streets in this city. And we’re focusing on some of the areas where we’ve seen the most crashes, and this is a way to create safety and accountability. You lower the speed limit, you send a message to everyone – these are the rules, you have to live by these rules. If you don’t, there will be consequences.”

New York City

Source: The New Yorker

Mayor Blasio Warns Drivers Against Speeding In New York City

Blasio has warned all the drivers against over speeding in New York. Moreover, he has made it very clear that breaking the new rules would lead to serious consequences. The New York Police will be more vigilant to catch hold of drivers who are seen driving over the speed limit. Furthermore, Blasio said, “This week, you’ll be seeing the NYPD out doing a blitz for traffic safety. They’ll focus on protecting pedestrians and cyclists all over the five boroughs. They’ll be targeting drivers who speed and who failed to yield to pedestrians and cyclists. And the message will be clear, dangerous driving has no place in New York City.”

New York City

Source: Curbed NY

Mayor Blasio Pushes For More Use Of Speed Cameras

Mayor Blasio thinks the speed cameras can play an important role in enforcing the new traffic rules. However, its needs to be used in a more efficient manner. He said, “Speed cameras have just been proven to work, and we need to use them more, we need to use some better, because then it says to everyone there are consequences if you’re speeding and you put other lives in danger.”

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