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Robin Roberts announces bad news about co-star Michael Strahan’s



Michael's covid battle was announced by Robin live on Thursday's GMA

Good morning, America Star Robin Robin Roberts went to the absence of his co-star Michael Strahan on Thursday morning.

The television presenter told the viewers that Michael had been out after trying positive for Coronavirus. Robin said: “We know that she has noticed that Michael has not been here with us this week, I wanted to let him know that he has tried positive for Covid and is at home, in quarantine now.”

George Stephanopoulos added: “Many of you have reached him and asked him about him and he says: ‘Thank you’ for the worries and good wishes. It also feels good and hoping to be back here soon.

“He should know that all of us here, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, have been deleted by Disney to be here after contact tracking and after the CDC guidelines.”

Amy Robach then joked that she had talked to Michael on Wednesday, telling her that she would like him to come back soon so that he could “put his alarm clock back an hour.”

“Michael we wish us the best,” she added. The fans were quick to send their good wishes to Michael on social networks after the news is confirmed. “The prayers sent your way Michael,” while another wrote: “Wishing a quick recovery”.

GMA hosts have been keeping the viewers updated in the current pandemic of Coronavirus since March 2020. For most last year, the show was mainly organized remotely, with stars, including Robin presenting from her home.

Robin Roberts with co-star Michael Strahan

Robin Roberts with co-star Michael Strahan

The talented quarantine journalist during the height of the pandemic in his house in Connecticut, where he lives during the weekends with a couple Amber LAIG.

Robin organized her the basement’s program of her, and joked that it was an easy trip for her, since he simply had to walk down the stairs of her room.

The star enjoyed spending quality time with amber while he is at home and to his beloved dog Lukas, and admitted to feeling apprehensive when he prepared to return to the studios in New York in September.


At that time, she wrote on Instagram: “I wanted to let you know that I am leaving our home studio and on Monday morning I will return in the studio @goodmorningamerica.

“I’m going to do everything possible to continue the message from the morning from there, although I know it will not be the same without these two by my side!

“While I hope to be with my wonderful colleagues again, I’m also a little apprehensive that I understand that many have felt to return to the workplace.”

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