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San Francisco City Hall To Reopen For The Public After 15 Months !



San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall To Reopen After 15 Months

San Francisco city hall will reopen on Monday for the public after a huge gap of 15 months. Most of the services will be available. People who were not comfortable in reaching the services through phone or internet can finally walk to the city hall to get their problems addressed. San Francisco is recording very low cases at the moment and things are expected to continue in the same manner. Since the vaccination rate is also very high, the chances of transmission of virus is very low. Situation is slowly getting back to normal in San Francisco with many more restrictions coming down on June 15.

San Francisco City Hall

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San Francisco City Administrator Carmen Chu Calls Reopening Of City Hall Symbolic

City Administrator Carmen Chu thinks that the reopening of city hall symbolizes that San Francisco is getting better with each day. It allows people to come in person to the officials. However, people are expected to maintain certain precautions. Furthermore, Chu said, “Reopening City Hall is not only symbolic. [It] represents expanded access to services for those who have had a hard time engaging by phone or through the internet. As we take this next step, please remember to continue taking precautions. Let’s keep our masks on and maintain our social distance.”

San Francisco City Hall

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Visitors Expected To Follow COVID Protocols

San Francisco is one of the few cities that is taking extra caution when it comes to COVID. Even with low cases, people are expected to follow certain guidelines. Masks are necessary for visitors coming to city hall. Moreover, a distance of 6 feets needs to be maintained. During weekdays, the city hall will remain open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. City hall workers will undergo  health screening  before coming back to work. Hand sanitizers will be made available and people will be allowed to use public restroom.

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