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San Francisco: Due to Extreme Shoplifting Crimes, 17 Walgreens Store Closes In Last 5 Years



According to the report, for the past 5 years, almost 17 Walgreen stores have been closed in San Francisco. It is confirmed that the crimes especially shoplifting have been out of control. With that being one of the major reason several stores all across the San Francisco has been closed after that. Walgreen which is one of the major pharmacy stores in America shows a reduction in their store opening for the last five years. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic raised last year in America shoplifting and other crimes reduced drastically. However, since the situation has been eased a lot of crimes are taking place and shoplifting crimes are getting worse. Reports confirmed that there have been uncountable and recorded incidents of shoplifting and other theft. Moreover, America is a place where crimes happen more on open streets than anywhere else.

CVS Shuts Amid Extreme Crimes In SF

According to the reports the CVS since 2019 over 17 recorded Walgreen stores have been closed and several other u recorded have been as well. Mainly due to the crimes that take place every other day in San Francisco. Susoeff says that he doesn’t blame the shopkeepers for closing at this is exactly what anyone going in loss would do. On the other hand, several other shops have incurred a loss before and after the pandemics. Either due to the effect of the pandemic or because of shoplifting and other crimes.

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Moreover, other reports confirm that mainly the people who shoplift are the ones going through poverty. And are tend to do that to save up money for themselves. As not everyone living in an expensive city like San Francisco can afford everything. One thing that concerns people the most is the fact that several drug stores have incurred loses as well and that is one reason for them to be shut. Drugstores in every corner are the most important store people need today. However, extreme shoplifting has changed everything. stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show, celebrity, and US local news.

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