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San Francisco Health Department Welcomes Decision To Remove Mask Mandate By June 15 !



San Francisco

San Francisco Health Department Supports Move By California To End Mask Mandate By June 15

California Government had announced that the state would remove its mask mandate for vaccinated people only by June 15. The state needs more time to increase the vaccination rate. At present, only 39 percent of Californians are fully vaccinated. The move by the Government has found its support in San Francisco Health Department. The city has a very impressive figure in terms of the vaccine percentage. 53 percent of people in San Francisco are fully vaccinated. The department tweeted, “We just need to hang in there a little longer and for every eligible person to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

San Francisco Mask Mandate

Source: ABC7

Should San Francisco Delay The Removal Of Mask Mandate?

The high vaccination rate of San Francisco poses a very important question. Should it delay the removal of the mask mandate for vaccinated people to June 15. Many people are coming forward to take the vaccine in the city. However, San Francisco is not providing any freedom to those who have already taken the vaccine. People might start thinking that the vaccine is not as effective as it sounds. That is probably why the mask mandate is still in place. Moreover, this will discourage the people of San Francisco to take the vaccine. However, the vaccines are very effective, and delaying the removal of the mandate could paint a different picture.

San Francisco Mask Mandate

Source: ABC7

Experts Support June 15 Date Set By California Government

Medical experts think that the California Government is on the right track about the removal of the mask mandate. UCSF’s Dr. Monica Gandhi was among the experts who welcomed the move with open hands. Moreover, she said, “Instead of feeling trepidation about it, which I know a lot of people do, people should embrace it. We have these astounding vaccines and have given access to all Californians since April 15.”

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