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San Francisco: Hundreds Come down To The Streets To Protest As Centre Confirms That The Great Highway With Ease The Restriction



With many COVID-19 restrictions being removed in all states of America the idea of keeping vehicle traffic shirt on the great highway in San Francisco is at the thought. The official confirmed that they are planning to remove the vehicle restrictions soon. but on the other hand, people living in the area are not so ready as they are now used to the freedom of playing and walking on the highway. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Since the start of the pandemic, the great highway in San Francisco was shut for vehicle traffic. No vehicle could pass through that highway due to the pandemic. Which led to people walking and playing on the highway. People got so much used to it that now they are denying to give away their freedom of it. But can the city just let the highway be shut because of the people?

The Great Highway

The greatest highway in San Francisco has four lanes. Which divides into different roads all over the western coast. Sunday morning, hundreds of people showed up at the streets marching and protesting to stop the movement of vehicles again. Moreover, thousands of people who live in the area are strictly against the action and want their freedom back.

Picture via google images.

An organisation of the greatest highway confirm that there is so much freedom at the highway that people are not at all ready to give it up. The situation has come to a point where people have started protesting and marching. She further confirms that since the pandemic it has become a great place for kids to play. It has become a place where people walk, spent hours and play.

San Francisco:

San Francisco:


But it looks like the Centre sees it differently. As some officials confirm that the restriction of the movement of vehicles will soon be removed. But clashes will be obvious as the people of San Francisco not really want it at the moment. But there is nothing exactly the Centre can do about it since it is one of the greatest highways in the country. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.

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