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San Francisco: Nash Bridges Shooting Starts, People Gather To Watch Shooting!



A controlled explosion was witnessed in San Francisco during a shoot of a movie named Nash Bridges. recently the financial District Court fire which was later controlled during the shoot of a movie. However, it seemed like not everyone was upset with the fire and damage. The incident took place on sunday and reports confirmed that near London breed was pretty happy to witness the incident. Check out everything you need to know about it.



On Sunday, an area caught fire during the shoot of a movie ‘Nash Officers’. The incident took place when one of the lead characters of the movie was firing for a scene. And the situation got out of control and fire caught in the other areas as well. soon after the incident happened several people around the area gathered to know exactly what happened at the moment.

The Movie Shoot

‘The city is alive again” yelled Breed while smiling. people were also gathered to watch the shoot of the movie and that is when the incident took place. Since the incident was in control and not a lot of damage took place, The directors and producers of the movie were pretty cool with it. The shooting of the movie was taking place near 48-story 101 California St.

Picture via google images

Since the start of the pandemic last year the shoot of the movies were temporarily shut. Since approximately past one year no movies were freely short in America. In fact, Nash bridges is the first movie that is freely being shot in San Francisco. And hence people and officials are very happy with the resume of movie shoots. And that is one of the main reason several people we gathered from all around to enjoy the shooting.


However, during one of the means scenes situation got out of control for a while and fire was caught around the area. According to the reports, nobody got harmed and the damage was minor and situation was later controlled. The shooting has not been stopped and is being continued. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show, celebrity in US local news.

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