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San Francisco: Principals, Teachers, Parents, And Students Nobody Knows What School Would Look Like Post Pandemic. I



SF Public schools have given no idea of what it will look like this year so far. The district official doesn’t know what the school will look like. And not just that even the parents, teachers and student have no idea about the school yet. in the start of the month the district initiated $12 million for the students to return back to their classrooms. But that didn’t go as planned. Check out everything you need to know about it.


According to the sources that are directly involved in the process. It has confirmed that recently a poll was conducted to check the ratio of students interested to return back to their classrooms. And the teachers who might be interested to teach them. However, things didn’t seem it went the way it was expected. not many were actually interested to head back to the classroom.

Schools Of San Francisco

However, the Centre later came with an idea where the teachers and students can attend the classrooms for three days a week. But a lot of controversy took place with that. As many people and official confirmed that if things like this start taking place in San Francisco there will no longer be a proper school but a substitute of school. And having a proper school is very important to provide the right means of education.

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On the other hand, teachers and principals are being told that the school will officially start from next year in San Francisco. But the major concern right now is Will they have an ideal school or will it just be a school lookalike. Since the start of the pandemic, all the schools all over the country have been shut to stop the spread of the infection. When talked to a few principals from different schools in San Francisco they confirmed that they have absolutely zero idea of when the school will reopen.


This isn’t great news for the students as nobody knows when the school will reopen. In fact, people don’t even know what will it look like next year. The plan of opening of few schools by May 13 in San Francisco also went in vain. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.

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