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San Francisco To Ban Gas In All Buildings But Do They Have $5.9 Billion For That?



San Francisco is now planning on banning gas appliances and all the buildings and turning them into electric ones. The climatic condition of San Francisco is affected a lot mainly due to the usage of gas appliances. And hence it is very important to turn into electrifying the appliances. However, there is a catch that costs hundreds of thousands dollar and more. Check out everything you need to know about it.

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Even though San Francisco is thinking of banning the gas appliances for a while, the budget and financial burden is not letting it come on a decision. Switching to electrical appliances would cost nine digits or more. It is not easy for the government of San Francisco to spend millions of dollars on it. However the climatic condition screaming for a change but finances are asking for something else.

Replacing Gas Appliances With Electrical Ones

There are more than 240,000 gas powered unit in San Francisco. Electrifying all of them together cost billions of dollars. According to the estimated data it would cost around dollar $3.9 billion-$5.9 billion. It is confirmed that the only key barrier to this change is financial burden. And this burden will fall on the head of property owners and government. It may look like next to impossible thing to do but the government is definitely planning on doing it within some time. But the only question that is in every mind right now is how?


Supervisor Gordon Mar, The Commissioner that issued the report on earth day called for a solution. He claims that it is very important to plan out stuff within a time frame for better climatic condition in San Francisco. While taking care of the finances in a certain way. He further says that the challenge is at a very huge cost but a necessity one. San Francisco recently set a goal of achieving zero greenhouse effect by 2050. And controlling the climatic condition would be one step forward.


The board of supervisory last year banned gas appliances usage in the new buildings already in several states of America. But to change it to electric appliances in all the buildings is quite a task. However, The officials are looking for a way out and the solution that could fit the best in the problem. Stay tuned with us for more such details about US local news.

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