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San Francisco Will Follow Guidelines Released By California On June 15, Says Dr. Susan Philip



Dr. Susan Philip

San Francisco To Follow California Post June 15 For COVID Guidelines

San Francisco is leading the charge in the US when it comes to vaccination and containment of COVID. People are following the rules and its effect is clearly seen in the daily number of cases recorded. With the COVID curve almost coming to a full stop, the COVID restrictions are expected to come down very soon. The government of California will announce new guidelines on June 15. As per the earlier statements from Governor Gavin Newsom, almost all the restrictions will be taken down. San Francisco public health officer, Dr. Susan Philip has made it clear that the city will follow the guidelines released by the Californian government. She said, “We in San Francisco are going to look to their guidance and follow them, and they, in turn, will look to the CDC.”

San Francisco

Source: Time Magazine

California Will Revise Masking Guidelines By June 15

One of the biggest changes that took place due to COVID is the wearing of masks by people. However, now that vaccines are available and cases have come down drastically, the masking mandates might come down altogether. At this moment, people are expected to wear masks in certain situations. However, even that might come down post-June 15. Dr. Susan Philip hinted that the state might make some big changes regarding the mask mandate. Moreover, she said, “What we know is that the state is in the process of revising its masking guidelines.”

San Francisco

Source: CoStar

No Additional Directives For San Francisco Businesses, Says Dr. Susan Philip

Businesses can ask their customers to wear masks if they think it is necessary for public safety. However, the city health department will not release any more directives for businesses running in San Francisco. Furthermore, Dr. Philip said, “While Covid is not over, we do not anticipate having any significant additional guidance or directives on San Francisco business operations to protect public health.”

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