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San Francisco’s Mask Shamers Are Back: Middle Figure, Dirty Messages And Abuses To Those Not Wearing A Mask



It looks like San Francisco’s mask shamers are back. even though CDC have permitted people who are fully vaccinated to ditch their masks people or not very comfortable with the same. Reports confirmed that some of the people who started ditching their mask after getting fully vaccinated got a lot to see. Mainly wrong behavior as people fear the virus still. Check out everything you need to know about it.


A few days back the centre of disease control and prevention confirmed that ditching masks if a person is a fully vaccinated is okay. All American citizens while roaming indoors or outdoors can go out without masks if they have gotten two doses of vaccine. The health officer recently took to her social media accounts to confirm that people who have started ditching masks have faced repercussions.


The Consequences

She confirmed that people are very scared because of the virus and hence people who are not wearing mask or suffering with consequences. a few health workers have come forward and showed their concern for the same. With some claiming that the centre of disease control and prevention has officially said it is okay to not wear mask if fully vaccinated. So people can stop wearing mask for the same. But doing so is not easy as dirty messages, middle finger and other stuff are done to the people were not wearing it.

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when asked to a few people on streets who were wearing mask even after getting fully vaccinated. They confirmed that their area is not hygienic enough and they are scared enhance their wearing mask. On the other hand some confirmed that when they got out of their houses without mask they suffered a lot. With sufferings they meant that people showed them middle finger, for them verbally as they were scared of them..


Several people came forward to address the situation. Confirming that COVID-19 is no joke and people have died in a large ratio. And that is definitely a reason why people are so scared. The government and other officials have confirmed that they will come up with a better solution for the same soon. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favourite TV show, celebrity and US local news.

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