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Selena Gomez Bashed Facebook For Being Responsible For Thousands Of Death.



Selena Gomez is very angry at the websites that spread fake news and claims that those are the websites that are responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths. Selena Gomez makes a statement on a social media site claiming that Facebook would probably be responsible for lakhs of deaths as it cannot control fake news. Celina has been talking about fake news misleading people since a really long time and no action has been taken until now. And this has made her very angry and she has spoken against it again. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Selena Gomez Shri posted an interview clip of Imi Ahmed and claimed that social media including Facebook allows people to share lies and misinformation. Especially during a pandemic like this, misinformation could cost the lives of people. famous celebrities have spoke up against Facebook promoting and encouraging lies and fake news on social media. But no action has been taken on any social media platform regarding it. when it is doing nothing but causing more chaos in peoples life.

Selena Speaks Up

Selena Gomez took to the Twitter and made a very shocking yet expected tweet. She explained our fans how misinformation can lead to death of many people. She claimed that scientific misinformation and spread of lies or fake news over the internet can mislead people. Which can ultimately cause people their lives as well. Especially during a situation like COVID-19 pandemic. People have already been dying with the disease and spread of misinformation and lies causes chaos and makes thing messier.

Picture via Twitter.

The Chaos

Few months back Selena Gomez took similar initiative by asking owners of Facebook to do something about the spread of misinformation and lies. Back then she shared a screenshot where she messaged Mark Zuckerberg asking to do something about the same. However, even after waiting for long enough, she didn’t receive any response. Selena Gomez criticized Facebook and the representative of it for not taking any initiative for such big chaos.


Moreover Selena Gomez and other celebrities like Kim Kardashian Cristiano Ronaldo and others even froze their Instagram account for one entire day. They did so in order to fight for the misleading and misinformation that is spread on both Instagram and Facebook. The celebrities took a lot of effort for the same but nothing happened.


This time Selena Gomez is very angry on Facebook for still not taking any initiative. On Twitter she claimed that Facebook could be reason for thousands of death as it promotes the misleading information. Fans are very happy for Selena she takes initiative. Moreover they have appreciated and praised her a lot. Celina has always been one of the most loved celebrity. Not just because she is beautiful or she is a great singer but also because she is a great influencer. she takes initiative for the wrong and sides people for the right.

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