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Serena Williams Shares Adorable Moment, Daughter Playing With Qai Qai



Serena Williams

Olympia Stills Limelight

Serena Williams, besides a great tennis player, is also an adorable and doted mother. Her daughter Olympia completes her, and she never fails to appreciate the little heart of her. And how grateful she is for having her. Olympia is already taking social media into a storm with her cute moments.

She is already a star like her mother. Fans love Olympia as much as they love Serena Williams. Serena is always up to date on social media, and she shares almost all the adorable moments of her daughter. Recently the tennis star shared a photo where Olympia is playing with her doll Qai Qai.

Yes, Qai Qai is the name of Olympia’s favourite doll. The little angel is always busy with her Qai Qai and taking care of her! Serena’s darling daughter this time was busy brushing Qai Qai’s teeth when Serena took the picture.

Serena Williams Shares Picture Of Adorable Daughter

She shared the picture and captioned “Sundays would be wash days if I had hair. instead, we do this.” The post immediately gains the attention of millions and fans showered love to little Olympia. Some talk about the caption and the creativeness.

Serena William has a separate ID for Qai Qai, where she posts all the doll moments of Olympia with her favourite doll. And surprisingly Qai Qai also is quite famous among her fans and the account followed by millions.

Serena Williams

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It is fun to watch the little soul playing with Qai Qai. It’s like a mother caring for her child. Olympia is growing up so nicely, and she is such a cutie. Fans love har as well as her Qai Qai. Olympia is in the spotlight for many days now, and all credit goes to her innocence and cuteness.

Serena On Coaching Daughter

In many of Serena’s interviews, Olympia grabs attention with her cute features, and fans showered immense love to the cutest baby. Many things Olympia would be a great tennis player if Serena Williams herself coaches her little angel.

Though Serena is not very much sure about coaching her, because she thinks she could be a great mental health advisor rather than a tennis coach. She thinks coaching needs a lot of patience, and she is not that passionate.

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