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SF Police Seizes 30 Pounds Of Fentanyl That Could Erase San Francisco Population Four Times !



Fentanyl seized during drug bust by San Francisco Police

San Francisco Police Seizes 30 Pounds Of Fentanyl In Drug Bust

San Francisco police have seized 30 pounds of fentanyl through a drug bust in Oakland. Out of this, around 16 pounds were of the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl. As per San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott, that much amount of fentanyl could wipe out the population of San Francisco four times. Other than fentanyl, San Francisco police also seized cash, guns, and other drugs. Last week, SFPD narcotics issued search warrants at 1700 block of 28th Avenue, 2900 block of 35th Avenue, and 9800 block of MacArthur Boulevard. The drug busts were part of a larger operation to stop the flow of drugs into Tenderloin District.

Fentanyl seized during drug bust by San Francisco Police

Source: California News-Times

Fentanyl A Big Threat To San Francisco, Says SF Police Chief

Several cases of drug overdose have been reported in San Francisco this year. Fentanyl is the main culprit in this case as most of the cases have been due to fentanyl overdose. It is 30-50 times more fatal than heroin. Most of the drug activity takes place in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. While police have been trying to cut the supply, that is not lowering the cases of fentanyl overdose in the city. Furthermore, Scott said, “Fentanyl remains the primary chemical culprit in the record-shattering number of fatal overdoses plaguing our city. And the recovery of semi-automatic ghost guns along with this haul of deadly drugs most likely intended for the Tenderloin is ominous.”

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott

Source: The San Francisco Examiner

SF Chief Praises Police Officers For Drug Bust

Scott praised his fellow police officers for trying their best to cut down the supply of dangerous drugs like fentanyl. Moreover, he said, “SFPD’s Narcotics Detail and patrol officers have done heroic work in this operation. And on the street every day to seize these deadly drugs and bring these increasingly dangerous drug dealers to justice.”

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