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SF Supervisor’s Settlement To Be Approved That Came With A Refund of $190 Million For Trash Customers!



Recology customers are all said to get the refund and lower price services this year after the lawsuit set in March. This it is probable to get a dollar 7 million Payout as a result of the lawsuit by the city attorney. San Francisco’s board of supervisors is now looking into the matter of the lawsuit claimed by Dennis in March. It was for the unfair treatment towards many customers. Check out everything you need to know about it.


In early March, the city attorney Dennis claimed a lawsuit against the big company Recology. For unfairly overcharging from many customers due to lack of oversight from former Department of public works. The act was considered not just unfair but for frauding people and overcharging them.

What Happens If The Settlement Is Approved?

However, after the lawsuit was claimed, the company then agreed to give a payout of almost a hundred million dollars. As a result of paying out every customer that was overcharged. But the board of supervisors from San Francisco will look into the matter and dry settlement. If we assume that the settlement is approved once then every customer will approximately get $190 as a result of overcharging. Chances are that customers can receive more than that as a result of interest added with the amount.

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By now, San Francisco has got dollars 7 million but the supervisors confirmed that there has been a kind of miscalculation. After which the board of supervisors has confirmed their settlement with the company. And if approved the company is asked to give approximately a hundred million dollars to San Francisco. Which will further be given to the customers.


The city attorney when asked about the whole situation confirms that it is only fair if the customers are given their payout. He then confirms that it is very important to take legal action against a company like that. So that similar situations do not occur again misguiding people and overcharging them. The settlement may happen in a few weeks or a month. However, we can expect the customers to at least get one $90 in return. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favorite TV show, celebrity, and US local news.

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