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Shawn Mendes And Justin Bieber Collaboration Onboard!



Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes In FM Breakfast

Shawn Mendes And Justin Bieber Collaboration Onboard!: Shawn Mendes seems not in a mood to reveal anything about his collaboration with Justin Bieber. In a recent interview, Mendes very trickily avoid the question over his and Juts’s collaboration. The Canadian pop-singer appeared in the FM BREAKFAST with Roman Kemp. There he had some great time with the popular RJ and host of the show Roman Kemp.

Both are great at their job. Where Roman needs to pick the truth and Shawn had to avoid it! The host at a point of the show asked Shawn very trickily why he turned down a collaboration with Justin. Shawn funnily picks the question and requestioned whether he wants to know if he is at all collaborating with Justin Bieber.

Tricky Convo Between Shawn Mendes And Roman

In such a conversation, both burst into laughter and carried with their fun conversation. Shawn though told that Justin is his mentor. And he can’t think of turning down a collaboration with the great Justin Bieber. By this statement, he raises a lot of speculations on whether the pop-stars are really up for a collaboration or not.

Shawn Mendes also revealed in the show that he is pretty close to Justin for a few months and he admires his work. The way Justin Bieber looked by his first album Baby rock the music industry is inspiring. He wants to follow in his footsteps in the industry to get success.

Shawn’s Love For Justin Says It All

Shawn could not stop gushing over his friendship with Justin Bieber in the show. That sparks the rumours more than they might have collaboration very soon. It might not be in his recent album but anytime soon for the next.

Shawn Mendes


Though his shy reply on the show hints somewhat of their collaboration, nothing is confirmed yet. Fans can’t wait to listen to the great pop-collaboration of all the time. Nothing is confirmed yet from Justin’s site as well.

In the show, Shawn Mendes also clarifies his relationship with Camila Cabello, who was his co-singer in Shadow. The speculations were in the air for many times. But non of the star confirmed it yet. Finally, in the FM BREAKFAST, Shawn confesses the relationship officially.

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