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Shawn Mendes Is ‘In Wonder’ Of How He Has Pressurized Himself Throughout His Life !



Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes Talks About His Documentary In Wonder

Shawn Mendes has come up with a documentary ‘In Wonder’ on his life where he gives a peek into his life. The documentary shows the 22-year-old figuring out his life amid the fame he got in his teenage. Moreover, the documentary also shows Camila Cabello and what it’s like to date her. Reflecting on the documentary, he said, “I can’t imagine what it’s going be like for me to watch that back in 30 years, that’ll be breathtaking for me. But the interesting thing is, it’s not easy to catch your patterns in live time.”

Shawn Mendes

Source: Netflix

Shawn Mendes Realized How He Has Pressurized Himself Over The Years Through In Wonder Documentary

Shawn Mendes has always lived a nomadic life since his teenage. After fame got him early, he has been touring for concerts. His life had been reduced to catching flights and changing hotels. The pandemic brought some stability as he spent the lockdown with Camila. The documentary made him realize that he was pressurizing himself too much and not giving himself a break. He said, ” really am seeing how much pressure I put on myself. In hindsight, I’m like, ‘Dude, you got to give yourself a break, you really put so much pressure on yourself.'”

Shawn Mendes That The Age Of 20 Is Special

Shawn, who is currently 22, feels the age of 20 is really special for any human being. He said, “Regardless of the fame and all of the celebrity nonsense, it’s really precious being 20 years old. It’s a precious moment in anybody’s life.”

Shawn Mendes

Source: People

Shawn Reveals The Speciality Behind Age 20

Shawn feels 20 is the age when a person enters adulthood for real and faces the reality of life. He said, “Not that I’m all wise and mature now that I’m 22, but I think when you’re capturing somebody at 20 years old, if you do it justice, you can capture something that is the birth of an adult, and the birth of someone realizing who they are.”

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