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Stimulus Check: Last Chance For Many To Get Their Check !



Stimulus Check

Many People May Miss Out On The Stimulus Check

The IRS has warned that people might miss out on the stimulus check even after being eligible for it. As per IRS, college students and individuals from low income groups may miss out on the stimulus check. This is because many college students and low income people are yet to register themselves to get a check. The deadline for registration is November 21. The US economy is going through a big depression and these stimulus checks are acting out well for the people affected by this depression.

Stimulus Check

Source: CNET

IRS To Urge People To Register For Stimulus Check

IRS wants people who need the money and are yet to receive it to register for the stimulus check. In order to notify the people, IRS is planning to reach out to people to get themselves registered. The people yet to receive the checks are those who do not file taxes and are not claimed as dependents by their parents. This means people like college students, senior citizens and low-income households. The money could come as a big use for these people who are struggling to meet their needs in this time of economic crisis.

IRS Wants College Students To Register Before Deadline For Stimulus Check

There are many college students who are not claimed as dependents by their parents. These students are on their own and meet their needs with their own earnings. With the pandemic and economic depression, they might have lost their job and are finding it tough to meet their ends. Hence, IRS wants these students to show up and register for check. The IRS said, “College students in particular should be careful not to overlook these payments if they’re supporting themselves and can’t be claimed as a dependent on someone’s tax returns. A few minutes of research could really help students.”

Stimulus Check

Source: Central Bank

How Much Are People Getting Through The Stimulus Check

The stimulus check is coming through Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or CARES Act. Individuals could get as much as $1200 and married couples could get $2400. Moreover, in case of families, an additional $500 is given for every dependent below the age of 17.

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