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Strip Clubs To Open In San Francisco From June 18; No Masks Required !



Strip club in San Francisco

Strip Clubs To Open In San Francisco With No Restrictions

Strip club lovers from San Francisco have some good news. The strip clubs in the city are all set to reopen from June 18. There will be no restrictions and people will be able to return to these clubs like the pre-COVID times. People don’t have to be vaccinated to enter the clubs. Moreover, there is no need to wear masks inside the strip clubs. BSC Management, the company that owns the majority of strip clubs in San Francisco talked about the reopening. Spokesperson Axel Sang said, “The City of San Francisco is still waiting for the updated guidelines from other agencies such as Cal/OSHA which have not yet been published.”

Strip club in San Francisco

Source: SF Gate

Safety Measures Yet To Be Updated Soon By BSC Management

BSC management revealed that it would update its safety measures as soon as it receives the guidelines from San Francisco local government. Moreover, Sang said, “We will update the specific safety measures once all of the governmental agencies have finalized their guidance.” Strip clubs took a huge hit not just in San Francisco but in the US due to the pandemic. These clubs were filled with people but were forced to shut down due to the COVID outbreak. Things have started looking up for companies like BSC management.

Strip clubs in San Francisco

Source: HuffPost

Strip Clubs In San Francisco To Trust The Visitors On Their Health And Safety

The recommendations say that people who feel ill should try to remain indoors. Moreover, people who have not taken the vaccine have also been recommended to wear a mask, especially in an indoor setting. Taking all this into account, Sang said, “The venues recommend that guests refrain from visiting if they feel ill, but employees will respect and trust in guests’ ability to make the right decision for health and safety.”

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