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Tanya Holland’s Brown Sugar Kitchen In San Francisco Bay Area Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy !



Brown Sugar Kitchen

Brown Sugar Kitchen In San Francisco Bay Area Files For Bankruptcy

Brown Sugar Kitchen, a famous restaurant on the east side of the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland has filed for bankruptcy. The strict restrictions during the pandemic drove the business of the restaurant down. The restaurant led by famous chef Tanya Holland could not sustain itself during the pandemic. With almost no customers coming in during the pandemic, the restaurant was pushed to debt. The restaurant has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Furthermore, Holland said, “It’s especially for this kind of situation where there was just no balance on the balance sheet essentially, so much debt.”

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Source: Brown Sugar Kitchen

What Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filed By Brown Sugar Kitchen?

Brown Sugar Kitchen has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy which means it is not closing down permanently. Chapter 11 will allow the restaurant to reorganize the restaurant and take control of its finances. This would mean finding ways to cut down expenses, sell assets and renegotiate terms with creditors. The biggest advantage is that all of this will take place legally with the help of a government-appointed trustee. Moreover, Holland said, “I only thought of negative connotations of it. Now I have great investor support, and seasoned advisers telling me, this is a common, very positive tool.”

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Source: KQED

Tanya Holland Blames Racism For Lagging Behind

Tanya is a national figure in the world of food. However, she feels the systemic racism in the country is the reason why she is lagging behind other chefs. The lack of investors and advisers has affected her career. Moreover, she said, “Because of systemic racism, I’m so many steps behind. If I had the access to advisers, financing, and other opportunities that I had requested and sought out and worked for a decade ago, I’d be in such a better position today, but that’s not my story.”


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