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Taylor Swift Reveals Her BOYFRIEND Joe Helped Her With Song ‘Betty’ From Evermore !



Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Wrote Betty From Evermore From A Male Perspective

Taylor Swift has come up with a brand new album Evermore for her fans. She released the album on her 31st birthday out of nowhere which came as a surprise to her fans. One of the songs in the album is Betty. She wrote the song along with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn who goes by the pseudonym of William Bowery. Taylor Swift wrote the song with the perspective of a male. Joe helped her in getting into the head of a male and helping her with the lyrics.

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Talks About The Experience Of Making Betty

For Taylor Swift, the song Betty is a huge deal. She tried something different by getting out of her comfort zone. Moreover, she tried to think differently from how she usually does and tapped into the mind of a man. She feels it is huge for her to make the song. Moreover, she said, “That was huge for me. And I think it came from the fact that my co-writer, William Bowery [Joe Alwyn], is male — and he was the one who originally thought of the chorus melody. And hearing him sing it, I thought, ‘That sounds really cool.'”

Taylor Swift Took Inspiration From Top Of The World For Betty

Taylor Swift drew the inspiration to think from a male perspective from the song Top of the World. The hit song also has a similar concept. Moreover, Taylor said, “Obviously, I don’t have a male voice, but I thought, ‘I could have a male perspective.’ Patty Griffin wrote this song, ‘Top of the World.’ It’s one of my favorite songs of all time, and it’s from the perspective of this older man who has lived a life full of regret, and he’s kind of taking stock of that regret.”

Taylor Swift

Source: Wall Street Journal

Taylor Thought Male Perspective Writing Would Be Fun

Taylor revealed that Top of the World made her think that writing from man’s vision would be fun. She said, “So, I thought: ‘This is something that people I am a huge fan of have done. This would be fun to kind of take this for a spin.’ “

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