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The 29-year-old Mexican ’Kim Kardashian’ Died After Failed Butt Lift Surgery.



What just happened? It is just unbelievable how the 29-year-old Instagram model died Joselyn Cano. The model was nicknamed as the Mexican Kim Kardashian. It is claimed that she was visiting Columbia to get her butt lift surgery whose failure got her dead. Moreover this famous Instagram model have gotten several surgeries throughout these years. However this time the bird lip surgery caused her life. It is very unbelievable for her fans and family. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The 29-year-old Instagram supermodel has been announced dead recently. According to the reports after getting a number of surgeries she was still not satisfied and was getting serious botched surgery. The surgery took a different turn and caused her life. These surgeries often don’t fail and millions of people get it. However getting any surgery is a risk of losing certain part of your body if the surgery fails. And that is what happened with her as well.

Cano Died Of Her Surgery

Cano what was nicknamed as the Mexican Kim Kardashian. She was named Sue for having what is sexy body like Kim. Mainly the similar big butt like Kim has. She even has similar features that she has gotten due to her surgeries. According to the reports she has been getting these surgeries for almost a decade. It it looks like she’s never satisfied with the way she looks at the end of the day.

Picture via twitter.


Recently Cano wanted to get one more butt lift surgery. She wanted to get it done for a really long time but since the COVID-19 pandemic she delayed her surgery. However recently she decided to go to Columbia to get her but lift surgery done. And that is where death was coming for her life. Her surgery failed and it causes her a lot of pain that she died.

About The Instagram Model

Cano right now has almost 13000,000 Instagram followers. Her engagement on her Instagram is no less then a lot of millions. Fans from all over the world follow her and love her pictures. They even admire the way she looks in the way she dresses up. she’s an Instagram supermodel who promotes various brands and even charges hell a lot for her only fan page. This sexy supermodel became famous past few years after getting nicknamed as the Mexican Kim Kardashian.


And her desire for Getting a better and better body every day killed her today. She went to Columbia to get her but surgery done but died because of its failure. When the news of this 29-year-old getting dead came out fans went crazy. Most of the people couldn’t even believe what just happened.


However soon after people believed that she really is that at such a young age get trying to get her surgery done. People started appreciating and praising her work and prayed for her family. still the sad news has just shocked and stunned everybody and people can still not believe what just happened.


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