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The Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma Goes Missing. Fans Are Shocked!



Fans are very worried as famous Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is suspected as missing. Initially it was pretty obvious when celebrities didn’t make their public appearance for months due to the pandemic. But two people’s surprise Jack Ma has not made any public appearance in the past two months and have not even appeared as the guest for the final episode of his ownshow. And it was the first time in years when Jack Ma didn’t made in an event he was promised to be. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Jack Ma has not made any public appearance since past two months or more and fans find it a very suspicious. Where has the Chinese billionaire been? even though he did not make a public appearance long enough, it wasn’t a big deal at first as many celebrities stay indoors due to the pandemic. But Jack Ma has not even made it to his events which he never fails to miss.

Jack Ma Found Missing

The famous and successful Chinese billionaire Jack Ma owns the Ant group, Alibaba, and a famous show named Africa’s business heroes. In November the IPO of his group was suspended and hence he was suggested not to leave the country by the government. Jack Ma did as he was told to. But what is making fans worried is the fact that he didn’t make any statement, appearance. Nor did fans noted any kind of moment on social media.

Picture via Instagram.

Things got messier when he did not make up to his own event Africa’s Business Heroes. Recently Jack Ma was troubled by scams and peers. As companies against Alibaba made campaigns to pull its name down. However as soon as dark, got to know about it he filed a case against all the groups that followed the same. But it became a whole course as the IPO of Jack Ma’s company was then suspended. And hence he wasn’t allowed to go anywhere for a few months.

Fans Are Shocked

Fans believe that this could be one reason why Jack Ma isn’t showing up in public. But after he missed several important events fans went crazy and started to believe that Jack Ma is missing. The news have gone all over the internet and fans have gone crazy about the news. Several fake news and rumours about him leaving the country has also gone viral. However, no confirmation about where actually Jack Ma is has come out yet.


Jack Ma has not only avoided his presence in public but has also froze his social media as he has not made any moves there as well. Friends are very confused and shocked about Jack Ma being missing. However, there is no confirmed news about him being missing. But nobody has seen him from months and that is the reason for the cure all around. But we can expect to see him anytime soon as nobody has seen him leaving the country or anything. What do you think about it.


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