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Tidal Disruption Event: A Giant Black Hole Shredded A Sun Sized Star!



Tidal Disruption Event

Scientists Observed A Rare Moment

A great success indeed in the Astronoid world. The scientist was able to witness a rare moment and also able to capture the moment. European Southern Observatory (ESO) on Monday shares a clip where a massive black hole seemed engulfing a sun sized star.

A win-win moment for the astronomers’ these happenings are not very common and are very rare. You might able to witness these events in a decade but capturing it at the right time just made it awesome. By this, not only scientists but the other people around the world also could witness the rare moment of earth affair.

With the advancement of technology, the scientist able to capture the moment. The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (ESO’s VLT) was used to capture the rare moment. The incident is known to be as Spaghettification. It is rare as well as a devastating event. Where a black hole just over 215 million light-years from Earth seen sucking a sun sized star.

The Massive Tidal Disruption Event

This was also known as a tidal disruption event. Scientists very closely observed the event this time with the giant telescope. It won’t be possible without the advancement of technology. They could see that the massive black hole was slowly turning apart the sun sized star. How much disruptive the seen was!

However, scientists also claimed that in the massive process again, the hole can’t tear apart the entire sun. And it only could pull the half of the massive star. In the tidal disruption event, the black hole by its gravity attracts the star towards it and start tearing apart instantly.

The Rarest Sight Of The Decade

Nicholl said that the star is though roughly of our sun sized the black hole was massive which is over a million times monster. It was a rare moment for all the astronomers, and this time it was more successful.

Tidal Disruption Event


This kind of tidal disruption event happened earlier also, but at that time, scientists only could witness the eruption of dust and particle. But this time as scientists were able to observe this from an earlier period, they could see the massive turning apart event.

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