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TLC Star McMillian Died At 41 Year Old After Weight Loss Surgery Failure.



This devastating news stunned everybody. Coliesa McMillian from My 600-Lb Life TLC Star died after having after-effects of big surgeries. she was just 41 when she died due to the surgeries. Recently her family members announced the 41-year-old dead through the internet. Fans are just shocked with the news of her being dead as this was something very unexpected. check out everything you need to know about it.


One September 22 the 41-year-old died due to her surgeries after effects and failures. However the worst thing about it is the fact that her exact confirm the reason for her death is still unknown. On 22nd September is evening some people from a family confirmed her death on the internet. And that’s how the world knew about McMillian not being there anymore.

A 41 year-old Star Dies

A member of a family came forward and broke the silence about this news. The same member of the family took the support of Facebook page to announce this news worldwide. November started by saying that he doesn’t believe himself that this moment has come to announce this news. “I cannot begin to express into words what our family is beginning to feel… Tonight at 10:23 p.m. she sadly passed away from this life. We are asking that you please respect us. Thank you.” this was the exact statement made by the family member that shocked the world.

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According to the reports, The 41-year-old was trying to have weight-loss surgery. She was going on or a weight loss surgery since past few months. when she was at the hospital doing the surgery when it failed and she died. The reports claimed that earlier also several times the TLC star faced complications during her surgeries. it was in the first time when she faced this level of complication. however the other times she survived but not this time.

The Surgery

When a condition was very critical she was placed at the ventilator in the hospital after her complicated surgery process. The doctors claim that they were expecting her to be saved till the end as well. She was admitted to the hospital for a very long time. However, she once recovered and went back home in June 2020. But she fell back sick again. And got admitted again but this time her luck was as good and she died.


My 600-Lb Life is aired on the TLC. she worked for the TLC for several years since the time she was 39. In many interviews and statement, she is shared about your insecurity related to her weight and that is why I said it decided to get a surgery for her weight loss. However the weight loss journey wasn’t as good as she expected and had many complications which led to her death.


After this news went viral on the internet fans from all over the world were shocked and shattered. Her journey in the TLC wasn’t really long but was memorable for a fans. The official account of T Elsie even made a statement about her after her death. They shared all said they were after listening to the news and wish the best for her soul and her family.


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