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Tori Spelling, Brian Austin And Jennie Garth To Start A New Podcast !



Tori Spelling Brian Austin Jennie Garth

Tori Spelling Puts Out A Heartfelt Post For Brian Austin And Jennie Garth

Tori Spelling recently put out a heartfelt post for her friends Brian Austin and Jennie Garth. The three were part of the hit series revival BH90210. Tori was missing her buddies Brian and Jennie and put a post for them. The caption read, “Grateful to be filming and creating new characters and stories but there’s nothing like home. When I think of my home it’s my OG zip code. My 90210 family. My heart lies with all of my brothers and sisters but specifically @jenniegarth and @brianaustingreen.”

Tori Spelling Brian Austin Jennie Garth

Source: ET Canada

Tori Spelling Remembers The Fun Days Growing Up With Brian Austin And Jennie Garth

Tori Spelling revealed that the three of them grew up together. She remembered the fun filled days where they used to play pranks on each other and had a lot of fun together. She said, “We really grew up together,” the actress wrote. “Just a silly bunch of teenagers. Jen and I used to giggle so hard in each other’s faces we would snort and cry and fall to the ground. Finish each other’s sentences and still do. Bri would ‘pull my pigtails’ on set and till this day can still ‘push my buttons’ in the best of ways bc he knows me so well.”

Tori Spelling Calls Brian Austin And Jennie As Best Parents

Tori Spelling revealed that Brian and Jennie are the two parents that she feels are the best at parenting. She said, “We were just kids. But, standing by these two for decades I’ve watched them both grow into such amazing humans. We are all parents now. And, Jen and Bri are the best parents I know. Honor to consider them my friends and brother and sister on this journey in life. I love you both. I always have. Always will!”

Tori Spelling Brian Austin Jennie Garth

Source: Headline Planet

Tori, Brian And Jennie To Start A Podcast

Tori announced that she is going to start a podcast with Brian and Jennie. She said, “Bri… Jen and I start our podcast @9021omgpodcast this coming Monday, November 9th with @iheartradio . We need some advice from the master!”

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