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Trending! Victoria Justice’s Song ‘Treat Myself’ Did Justice To Pop Music



Trending! Victoria Justice's Song

Trending! Victoria Justice’s Song – ‘Treat Myself’ is trending all over the Internet. This song gave a new direction to the pop music, to know more, read below…

Trending! Victoria Justice’s Song

Victoria Justice is an American singer and actress. Popularly known as Tori before shifting to adult roles. She basically started her career in 2003 and played numerous roles.

Earlier, she has worked alongside Ariana Grande prior to her own music albums. Recently, her music career has taken a back seat due to her hectic schedule as an actress. As she has released a single after a break of 7 freaking years.

Trending! Victoria Justice's Song


Trending! Victoria Justice’s Song

Before the release of this song, Victoria Justice tweeted that,

“I made a promise to you guys and to myself that I was going to release music in 2020.”

Victoria did justice to pop music

And now, here she goes. Trending! Victoria Justice’s Song, she just released her new single. This song reflects self-empowerment. Victoria Justice is depicting the need and responsibility of one to treat himself better and better than anything else. The more you love yourself, the more you gonna love the world. You gonna treat the world, the way you treat yourself.

This is an over 3-minute track with a very gentle and soft vocal over a flawlessly smooth pop-R’n’B beat. With this single Victoria has taken another route from the bright, bubbly, childish songs and most importantly the images, that she invented earlier.

Trending! Victoria Justice's Song


Not so childish anymore

This time, Victoria came with a new level of creativity, she did amazing work in this single. Her way of doing work has completely changed as compared to the other three singles of her.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic’s break, Victoria got her lane back. And now she knows what she wants. She’s more determined and focused than ever before. The childish Victoria has now turned into a grown-up and mature young woman.

‘Treat Myself’ song

Trending! Victoria Justice’s Song. She has given a new direction to pop music, she’s doing absolutely great. Back then, Victoria Justice claimed that,

“I think we ALL sing.”

As she has always meant what she said. Now, she has finally backed it all up and dropped her new single titled, ‘Treat Myself’. It is basically a soft pop bop where she works depicting her hardships and finally reaches a stage of self-compassion and satisfaction as well.

Trending! Victoria Justice's Song



As her prior job is to be an actress than a singer. And that’s why she needs to fulfill her longtime goal as an actress.

Victoria Justice revealed in an interview that the upcoming year of 2021 going to be very hectic for her. She has a lot of things planned to do in the upcoming year.

So, this is a piece of great news for all the fans out there. For more updates, stay tuned!

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