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Trump & Biden’s Face-Off Gets Ugly As Trump Accuses Biden!



Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Trump & Biden’s Face-Off Gets Ugly As Trump Accuses Biden!: After months of tension and pressure about the presidential election. Today Trump and Biden finally faced off one another right before the elections. It is the first-ever debate between the republican challenger and the democratic challenger. Check out everything you need to know about the discussion.

Trump & Biden’s Debate

The US presidential elections will be held in the first week of November. Running for the president is the Republican challenger Donald Trump and the Democratic Challenger Joe Biden. It is the first-ever debate between the two competitors, and pretty much everything depends on this debate.

USA Elections

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People have already registered their votes and have started to cast their ballots. Soon after the debate began, it went real wild with the two having face off for the first time. Both said everything to pull one another down.


The debate was help for almost 3 hours and was showed live to every American. It was an ample opportunity for them to know who to vote for this year. A lot of drama has been going in between on between Biden and Trump.

The Ugly Debate

The debate gets ugly when Trump calls Joe Biden Sleepy Joe and humiliate him in front of everyone. However, Biden didn’t stay quite as well and took out all the accusations made against him for years now and question him against it.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the frame

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On just in the debate being but the two are attacking each other on social media as well. With Trump making conspiracies against Biden and saying that he takes the drug. To Biden going on Twitter and joking about his drug test.

Both Trump and Biden spoke way too much, and it was very entertaining for every American. People are glad about the debate as it gives them more clarity about who to vote. What do you think about it?

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