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Tyra Banks BANS Real Housewives Stars From Participating In Dancing With The Stars!



Tyra Banks Real Housewives

Tyra Banks Doesn’t Want Any Real Housewives Stars On Dancing With The Stars.

Tyra Banks is having a great time at the moment as she is hosting Dancing With The Stars. However, she has now made it very clear that she doesn’t want any Real Housewives star on the show. She wants the casting members to aim higher for a performance by looking beyond Real Housewives celebrities. One of the sources said, “Tyra is the new boss and made it clear that she didn’t want any more Housewives in her ballroom.”

Tyra Banks Real Housewives

Source: TV Deets

Tyra Banks Will Take Real Housewives Stars Only After Everyone Else Has Rejected

Ever since Tyra has taken over the show as the host, the ratings for it has gone down. The people are not finding the stars to be interesting. However, Tyra doesn’t realise that the Real Housewives stars can bring a lot of ratings. She has decided to cast them only as a last resort. The source said, “She thinks the show needs to aim higher and only book the ladies after everyone else has passed.”

Tyra Banks Probably Doesn’t Like The Real Housewives Franchise.

Tyra Banks might not be a big fan of the franchise, and this might be the reason why she doesn’t want them on her show. The source further said, “Several ladies from the Bravo franchise have already made it clear that they would love to put on their dancing shoes, but Tyra doesn’t want any of them right now.”

Tyra Banks Real Housewives

Sources: Insider

Tyra Banks Might Be Angry At For Not Being Part Of The Show

Another reason why Tyra doesn’t want a Real Housewives star might be that she was never invited to be part of the show. However, she might cast them if she realises the rating that they bring for the show. Furthermore, the source said, “If Tyra thought for one minute that the Housewives would get her show ratings, she would welcome them to the dance floor in a second.”


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