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Unvaccinated New York Mets And Yankees Fans To Get Free Ticket On Taking Vaccine !



New York Mets Yankees

Vaccinated New York Mets And Yankees Fans To Have Separate Section With Full Capacity

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to fully open up the stadium for vaccinated Mets and Yankees fans. The stadium will have a separate section that will only have vaccinated people. For that section, there is no capacity restriction and people can sit next to each other. This is an exciting news as it allows fans to get back to the stadium and support their team. Cuomo said, “Vaccinated people, normal capacity, normal seating for people who are vaccinated. Sit next to each other in a section, sit next your friend, sit next to your family. Just normal capacity, normal seating. Vaccinated families who have a child 16 under, who’s not eligible, that child can be seated with the family.”

New York Mets Yankees

Source: Forbes

New York Governor Imposes Capacity Restriction For Unvaccinated People

Governor Cuomo also revealed that there would be a separate section for unvaccinated people and that section will have capacity restriction and other measures. 33 percent of the seats will be allowed to fill up in the unvaccinated section. This gives unvaccinated Mets and Yankees fans to take the vaccine and become eligible for the vaccinated section with no restrictions. Furthermore, Cuomo said, “For unvaccinated people, the six foot distancing applies with masks, and that comes out to roughly 33% in those sections capacity for unvaccinated people. Okay? So if you’re vaccinated, that’s one category. You’re unvaccinated, that’s another category. No testing, but if you’re vaccinated, you have the Excelsior Pass, you have proof of vaccination and that will determine where you sit.”

New York Mets Yankees

Source: NY Daily News

Cuomo Offers Free Seats To New York Mets And Yankees On Taking Vaccine

Cuomo also revealed that a vaccination stall will be setup outside the stadium so that unvaccinated fans can take the vaccine. On doing so, they will get a free ticket for a Mets or Yankees game. Moreover, Cuomo said, “You’re going to the game, we will set up, at the game, a facility as you’re going in. Come a little bit early and get your vaccine at the game. You’re going to the game any way, it’s on your way, stop and get a vaccine.”

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