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Video Of White Man Questioning Black Delivery Guy In Pacific Heights Of San Francisco Goes Viral !



Pacific Heights San Francisco

Black Delivery Man In San Francisco Gets Questioned By Another Man In Pacific Heights

A black delivery man in San Francisco was stopped midway by a white man in Pacific Heights, an affluent white neighborhood. The man asked the delivery driver for his identity and the tone of his voice clearly exposed the racism in question. The delivery man took the video of the white guy questioning him and uploaded it on his Instagram handle. In the video, the white man asks, “I want identification. Who are you with? Who are those addressed to?” To this, the delivery man responds, “It’s none of your business. Every time I come around here, motherf*****s like you make my job harder.”

Pacific Heights San Francisco

Source: The Independent

Black Delivery Man Calls Pacific Heights In San Francisco A Snobby White Neighborhood

The delivery man has encountered many such incidents in the past. The video uploaded by him showed the regressive and racist side of Pacific Heights. In the caption for the video, he called Pacific heights a rich snobby white neighborhood. The caption said, “For those who don’t know its reputation, pac heights is one of the most affluent, snobby, and white neighborhoods in San Francisco. It’s a neighborhood of old money, unlike the heavily gentrified neighborhoods where new tech money has displaced historically black and brown communities. Everyone who grew up here knows that.”

Pacific Heights San Francisco

Source: Raw Story

White Man Followed Delivery Guy To The House Of Delivery

The delivery guy had come to deliver naloxone, a drug used to prevent opioid overdose. The white man followed the black guy to the house of delivery. The black guy further said on Instagram, “He then followed me to the halfway house I was delivering to and stood in my way as I tried to leave. I’ve never seen this guy before in my life.”

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