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Wendy Osefo Reputation Burst: Family Friend Made Shocking Revelations!




Big Revelation On Wendy

Wendy  Osefo never misses a chance to boost her academic background. But it seems all not going well down to her relatives. The Real Housewife Of Potomac once revealed that she and her husband was never made a part of their in-lows family. And they are estranged from the family. She even conveys her sorrow over in-lows not visit to see her children.

But it seems she now need to answer for all her accusation as she is accused back by a family member. A close relative from  Wendy Osefo’s in-lows just reached to defend her side and accused The Real Housewife Of Potomac star.

She made some shocking revelations about Wendy’s family and her current financial status. If the accusation made it a point, then Wendy has nothing to boast of. Well, the person told the media that Wendy’s Nigerian family is cursed and they belong to the lower cast.

Her Family Is Cursed

Her family members have a bad reputation among the higher cast people because of their evil engagement. They are Osu and never can’t be a part of non-osu families, and thus Eddie’s family never accepted them.

The source revealed that before getting married, it is essential to check the linkage. Marrying an Osu girl is deteriorating for their family, and it hampers the family reputation. It also limits social mobility as well as becomes a curse for your children and other family members.

No one wants to have any relationship with such a family and always try to keep a distance. Wendy is belonged from a lower cast and can never be a part of the family. Wendy Osefo always Brag about her mother being a Nigerian chieftain on RHOP. But the insider revealed that it is nothing to be proud of.

Both Wendy Osefo And Eddie Is In Debt

Her mother is a chieftain but from a Nigerian ethnic lower cast group. And higher cast people avoid marrying them as it brings them and their family a bad reputation as well as their children shunned.



She also revealed that what Wendy Osefo shows on the screen is entirely fake and she is debt till neck. Instead of having a doctorate, she does a lower end job, and the payment is less. Not enough to have a sober lifestyle as she try to portray.

Eddie also is not doing any better and has the same status. They both are heavily in debt and trying hard to get out of this!

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