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Wendy Williams Reveals She Had A One Night Stand With Method Man !



Wendy Williams Method Man

Wendy Williams Reveals She Had A One Night Stand With Method Man

Wendy Williams is like a free bird who says what she thinks. Moreover, she always had something interesting and controversial to say. Her latest talk is about her relationship with Wu rapper Method Man. She revealed that she had a one night stand with Method Man. Moreover, she even claimed that she gave him a bath that night. She said, “I smoked a blunt with [Method Man] while I gave him a bath and it was a one-night stand.”

Wendy Williams Method Man

Source: Page Six

Wendy Williams Feels Method Man Might Deny Their One Night Stand

Wendy Williams feels Method Man will not agree to the story. He probably did not want anyone to know about it. However, she is not completely sure if Method Man will agree to it or not. No one wants themselves to be dragged into a sexual relationship in the past out of no where. It might have been what triggered Wendy to believe Method Man would deny the allegations. She said, “He’ll deny it — maybe not.”

Wendy Williams Is In Trouble With Her Talk Show

Wendy Williams’ speaking about her one night stand is exactly the kind of thing landing her in trouble. Moreover, her outspoken nature and controversial talks have frustrated the producers of the show. In fact, if the rumors are true they are already looking for a replacement. Much to their dismay, no has agreed to get onboard. However, every day with Wendy as the host is costing them a lot. Wendy, on the other hand, has kept a quite face and carried on with the show.

Wendy Williams Method Man

Source: Bossip

Wendy Reveals May Have To Exit Her Own Show

Wendy Williams might end up getting ousted from a show that is built after her name. Time is not right for her and her fans would hope for it to turn around.

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