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‘Wendy Williams Show’ Producers Looking For Replacement After Her Mental Health Crisis?



Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Doesn’t Look In The Best Of Her Mental Health

Wendy Williams is the host of the controversial talk show that has her name in the title. The show has always been a hit and Wendy has been praised for her bold persona. However, lately the show has taken a big fall. Wendy has not been in her best form and people have raised some concerns about her mental health. Moreover, there have been many episodes where Wendy has acted erratically paving questions on her mental health. However, Wendy has continued to host the show without any hesitation.

Wendy Williams

Source: Entertainment Tonight

Producers Looking To Replace Wendy Williams On Her Talk Show

There have been many instances where Wendy has raised concerns. Due to the same reason, the producers of the show are desperate to find a replacement for her in her own talk show. Moreover, the show has been a train-wreck lately and the producers are willing to cut Wendy loose for the show. However, much to her luck, the producers are unable to find a replacement for her. If nothing is done sooner, the show might end before getting a replacement

What Are The Weird Things That Wendy Williams Has Done On The Show

During the pandemic itself, Wendy Williams has found herself in trouble several times. Moreover, there was a big talk in Twitter and social media when Wendy had a hard time saying the name ‘Adele’. Moreover, Wendy also had a hard time saying the word ‘coronavirus‘.

Wendy Williams

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Who Have Been Asked To Replace Wendy

The producers have contacted few people who could replace Wendy. Moreover, a tipster said, “They tried Jerry O’Connell when Wendy was out for three weeks last year — but he tanked with viewers. There is an urgent need to find someone they believe can take over when things get too far out of control. Wendy’s a mess, and it remains to be seen how long producers will be able to put up with her problems before they decide to pull the plug!”

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