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Wendy Williams Slams Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter As A SERIAL CHEATER !



Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Calls Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter A Serial Cheater

Wendy Williams is not leaving any opportunity to shame her ex-husband Kevin Hunter. She was married to him for more than two decades. However, out of that time, he was cheating on her for about 15 years. As per Wendy, he was cheating with Sharina Hudson and she knew about it since the first day. Moreover, she even went on to call him a serial cheater. She said, “And that has nothing to do with him having this baby, or him having this side girl for almost 15 years of our marriage. I’ve known about her almost since the beginning. I’ve known that Kevin is a serial cheat.”

Wendy Williams

Source: People

Wendy Williams Calls Sharina A Less Than Smart Woman

Wendy Williams not only took a dig at Kevin but also criticized Sharina, the woman he was cheating with. Moreover, she went on to call her a not so smart woman who tried to make it big in Hollywood but failed. She said, “She was one of these less-than-smart women who moved to the big city with bright lights and she wanted to be a model.”

Wendy Williams Takes A Dig At Sharina After Extra-Marital Affair

Wendy Williams seems to have some big grudge against Sharina. Moreover, she went on to throw some more dirt at the mistress of her marriage. She said, “You know how the girls with the sparkler champagne bottles at the club, they get people to spend more money, they dress scantily clad and things like that.”

Wendy Williams

Source: People

Wendy Reveals Why She Did Not Leave Her Marriage Sooner

Wendy revealed why she kept away from divorce even after knowing about the affair for 15 years. Moreover, she revealed that she always had faith in marriage and wanted it to work out no matter what. She said, “There was really no option in my mind and [there] still isn’t,’ she said. ‘Being married is the Holy Grail.”

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