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Will Smith Gave Acting Tips To Jaden Smith On The Sets Of LIFE IN A YEAR !



Jaden Smith Will Smith

Will Smith Gave Tips To Jaden Smith In Life In A Year

Jaden Smith is making a comeback to movies with the movie Life In A Year. He is starring opposite Cara Delevingne in the romantic yet emotional movie. Will Smith has produced the movie through his production house Overbrook Entertainment. The director of the movie Okorn revealed that Will was on the sets to help his son with acting. He said, “But it was amazing to have him on the set. He was there but mostly he was just dealing with what his son is doing. ”

Jaden Smith Will Smith

Source: Cheatsheet

Jaden Smith Starrer Life In A Year Director Learned A Lot From Will

Okorn revealed that he listened from a distance when Will gave advice to Jaden. Moreover, it helped Okorn in getting perspective and learning from one of the legends in the industry. There were times when Will gave suggestions to Jaden and Okorn found it impressive and implemented it. He said, “Many times he gave him advice and I was listening. I would never have thought of that. So I learned a lot from Will and Jada. ”

Jaden Smith Starrer Life In A Year Director Also Refuted With Ideas Of Will

While there were many ideas that Okorn found interesting, there were also some ideas that exactly did not go well with Okorn’s vision for the movie. He said, “Sometimes I also was listening and I’m like, ‘No, no. Will, you don’t know this script as much as I do.’ This is my internal monologue. I didn’t say that. ‘He shouldn’t cry here because if he cries here, and he also has to cry the next scene, it’s going to be too much crying.’”

Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne

Source: W Magazine

Okorn Feels Will Smith Should Become A Director

Okorn feels that Will Smith has the vision and sense to become a director. He said, “90% of the time his comments were amazing. He has so much experience he could easily be a director. He should direct a movie. I think he would be good.”

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