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Will Smith Was AGAINST The Idea Of Willow Smith Shaving Her Head !



Will Smith and Willow Smith

Will Smith Has His Best Female Relationship With Willow Smith

Will Smith recently appeared on the latest episode of Red Table Talk where he opened up on his relationship with his daughter Willow Smith. He is of the opinion that his relationship with his daughter is the only female relationship that he has not screwed up. Moreover, he said, “Willow’s the only female relationship I’ve ever had that I didn’t mess up. I’m sure there are aspects from Willow’s point of view [where] she would say, ‘No, you messed some stuff up, dad,’ but in my mind, I did right by her.”

Will Smith and Willow Smith

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Will Smith Did Not Like Willow Smith Shaving Her Head

Will revealed during the episode that he was not in favor of Willow shaving her hair. However, he eventually realized that he was on the wrong side as he was forcing her to meet his expectations. He said, “It was so devastating to me when she shaved her head bald. I saw how much I was making and forcing and pushing the things that I wanted, and at that moment, I just saw it was starting to hurt her.”

Will Smith Used To Force His Desire On Willow Smith

Will Smith revealed that he was pushing his desires for Willow which was eventually overlapping the desires of Willow herself. Moreover, he said, “My desire for her was overriding her desire for her. And I had a real epiphany on that and how bad a person will hate you if you keep forcing your wishes onto their life.”

Will Smith Willow Smith

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Willow Helped Will In Improving His Parenting

Will revealed that it was Willow who helped him in improving his parenting. It was only after her entry into the family that he softened and sidelined his harsh parenting practices. He said, “My relationship with Willow has been a major part of healing.”

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